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  • AS Relation Model

    Our portal represents various analytical data regarding the relation types between autonomous systems (AS). For each AS we openly display its current links as well as the dynamics of their changes. This information is updated daily.

  • Radar Monitor

    Our monitoring system allows detection of a wide range of network anomalies which may have a significant impact on the end-point network resource availability. Currently we provide the information about detected static and dynamic routing cycles, Route Leaks, DDoS amplifiers and bots. The details on the detected incidents are available for technical representatives of the given AS.

  • Reverse LG

    Reverse LG is an exclusive network tool for determining the route which will be used by any other AS in order to reach your AS depending on the given routing policy. This tool is implemented using the modeling of inter-AS relations and priorities on all levels of BGP decision-making.

  • AS Rating

    In order to simplify the process of comparing different AS our portal provides a set of ratings which let the user perform comparisons by various parameters. For user convenience we have added the search function which makes evaluation of a certain AS in the list a lot easier.


April 06, 2017

New Client Portal and Qrator Initiatives

For a long time, we have been working on the improvement of the UI. Today, we are pleased to announce our first step – the client portal has been totally redone. We hope you will notice that the reports are much more useful and the configuration process is easier now.

We are also launching Initiatives website where we are going to share our ideas on changing the Internet to the better. As for now two initiatives are described – route leak mitigation and ASN union. You are welcome to subscribe, comment and share your ideas!

October 24, 2016

Global Looking Glass aka Realtime Graph

Our team is pleased to announce the launch of the completely new BGP graph. Compared to the previous version, it has a number of significant improvements and new features. First and most important, the new graph shows BGP announces at the current moment, and all changes are now updated in real time. We worked much on design and readability in order to present even complicated situations as simple as possible. You can now explicitly specify the list of autonomous systems for which you are interested in chosen BGP paths. So now you can use Radar graph as global looking glass. Please check all the new features by choosing "Graph" item in the left-side menu.

You could also improve the quality of our data by establishing BGP multihop session with our reflector.

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