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  • AS Relation Model

    Our portal represents various analytical data regarding the relation types between autonomous systems (AS). For each AS we openly display its current links as well as the dynamics of their changes. This information is updated daily.

  • Radar Monitor

    Our monitoring system allows detection of a wide range of network anomalies which may have a significant impact on the end-point network resource availability. Currently we provide the information about detected static and dynamic routing cycles, Route Leaks, DDoS amplifiers and bots. The details on the detected incidents are available for technical representatives of the given AS.

  • AS Rating

    In order to simplify the process of comparing different AS our portal provides a set of ratings which let the user perform comparisons by various parameters. For user convenience we have added the search function which makes evaluation of a certain AS in the list a lot easier.


February 20th, 2021

The day the whole world did not walk away

Yesterday, on February 19 Internet observed yet another demonstration of a handy Noction feature that is probably supposed to get you rich but is more likely to make you infamous.

Starting from 09:48 UTC, we saw around 200 thousand routes of previously non-existent prefixes with broken AS_PATH. But first things first.

January 28th, 2021

Prepending the trouble

January 27 of the year 2021 was marked with quite a peculiar route leak. AS61666 - GLOBO started announcing prefixes of its upstream provider MHNET - AS28146 to its another provider ALGAR - AS16735. In three minutes GLOBO leaked 1330 prefixes, and the whole routing incident lasted for 8 minutes - a time that was enough to create 1435 conflicts in 21 countries with 265 ASNs, mainly in Brazil (194 ASNs), United States (22 ASNs) and Venezuela (7 ASNs).

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