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June 10th, 2015

IPv6, MOAS conflicts and lots of other things

Qrator Radar team is pleased to announce the launch of a number of new mechanisms.

First of all we finally added support for IPv6. Now we've got three major blocks: IPv4 connectivity, IPv6 connectivity and Security Issues combining the data for both IPv4 and IPv6.

The next thing to notice is that the detection of Multiple Origin AS (MOAS) was added. The same as in case of Route Leaks, we are not trying to determine the reason for such network anomaly -- it's just the detection of its presence.

We also implemented DNS resolve for domain names, which means that now you only need to enter the domain name in the search field. Security Issues for domain names are coming soon.

And the last feature in this release: reports. You now have an opportunity to subscribe for aggregated weekly or monthly reviews of your AS. These reports cover both connectivity and security issues. The default subscription comes on a weekly basis, you can manage subscription period using the link.

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