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December 21st, 2017

Real-time Connectivity and the Radar API

Radar team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Also, we brought you some presents.

A year ago we announced our first real-time service - the connectivity graph. In this challenging part of our project we needed to compress all paths from more than 400 BGP sessions into a single model representation, and then restore it back in a single-valued manner, doing this in less than one minute. Since the announcement we had a hard time facing several bottlenecks in computation process, as we were migrating all other connectivity and security streams to the new real-time engine. Finally, we can share results of the work: from now on all data in connectivity section is updated with a 1-minute delay! Therefore any changes in your connectivity, including your customers, providers or peers connectivity could be verified on our website in nearly real-time.

To support this feature, we’ve also developed an API. Now it covers three most common requests of NOC teams. First one is IP-lookup, returning prefixes, which include this IP with corresponding ASNs for an exact IP address.

curl -X GET "" -H "QRADAR-API-KEY: <TOKEN>":
"data": [
    {"prefix": "","as_num": "3356","name": "Level3"},
    {"prefix": "","as_num": "3356","name": "Level3"},
    {"prefix": "","as_num": "15169","name": "GOOGLE"}

The second method is as-path lookup, which returns all existing paths for the selected ASN with the given prefix. It uses aggregated data which offers the opportunity to quickly retrieve AS_PATHs even if there is no BGP multihop session with a dedicated network. For example, if we see AS_PATH for prefix 197068 3356 15169 the as-path lookup would return results not only for 197068 but also for 3356 (though there is no session between Level3 and Radar):

curl -X GET "" -H "QRADAR-API-KEY: <TOKEN>":
"data": {"": ["3356,15169"]}

So from now, you don’t need to search for looking glass services and solve captchas to see results of the BGP decision process for major transit providers - they’re already in your pocket.

The last method returns abuse contacts for a given ISP. Even though it’s not hard to retrieve this data from RIR database, the format may significantly differ from one database to another. Our API returns just the email address, which could be quite useful, especially when integrated with the automated environment.

curl -X GET "" -H "QRADAR-API-KEY: <TOKEN>":
"data": [{"email": ""}]

You can try all available methods at API is authorized via crypto tokens which are unique per each user. Your API token could be found on your profile page

Stay tuned and have the most celebrated holidays!

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